The elected Board of Directors at our local Bay Area Hospital have let our community down time and time again.  They have cost our community money, credibility, and lives!

  • They hired a convicted fraudster to serve as our hospital’s Chief Operating Officer, even though he was convicted of defrauding two of his former employers and was sentenced to serve five years in jail.
  • They failed to plan for and maintain appropriate staffing levels throughout the COVID pandemic, leading to inadequate care of friends, neighbors, and even children from our community
  • As if that was not enough, the Directors made the decision to shut down the hospital’s Adult Psychiatric Unit at a time when our community is experiencing an exploding mental health crisis, and only walked back their decision after the community expressed its outrage.

Our healthcare system must do better. Accountability starts at the top!

Community Concerns

“At a minimum, our community should expect safe, effective care and responsible management from our elected hospital Directors. We’ve got neither. Due to a reduction in staff over the past few years, Bay Area Hospital does not seem like a safe place for patient care or for the staff on duty to me. This is too important to wait on.”
Toni Boekhoff
Bay Area Hospital Switchboard Operator and Emergency Room Registrar
"If this was a private hospital, the Board of Directors would be fired. Since it’s a public hospital, the voters are going to have to recall them. Among other transgressions to our community, they hired a criminal convicted of fraud to be in charge of our community hospital. Enough is enough."
Matt Borgens
Community Member and Recall Sponsor
"I have been an RN here at Bay Area Hospital for a little over three years and am currently a charge RN in the Emergency Department. Since I started, I have seen a great decline in our administration’s respect for staff and patient safety. I believe that a complete change in administration is a must for our hospital to continue to serve the community."
Harry M Brown
Registered Nurse at Bay Area Hospital

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